Barbara llewellyn

Owner & CEO

Barbara Llewellyn Catering and Event Planning is only the most recent chapter in Barbara Llewellyn’s lifelong pursuit of culinary excellence. Hailing from an East Coast family with a long tradition in the food industry, Barbara draws on decades of experience in restaurants, country clubs, hotels, and catering. With tireless energy and dedication, she has elevated catering and event planning to a level that few have attained.

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Susan Brinkley

pastry CHEF

Susan brings over twenty-five years in management within the fine food field, with equal and alternating dedication to the crafts of pastry and savory fare - including two full-scale restaurant openings, San Francisco catering start-ups, San Francisco retail food start-ups, catering vendorship launches, consulting work, private wedding cake creation, and extensive private chef work throughout her career. She has a personal commitment to organic and sustainable practices, low environmental impact, farm-to-table sensibility, and flexibility with respect to specific dietary and nutritional needs.